Flowertrucks has received the TAPA TSR (Trucking Security Requirements) Certification. It is the most influential security certification in transport industry and certified by TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association). TAPA´s mission is to minimize cargo losses from the supply chain and the association is respected around the world for its proactive work in protecting high value goods in transit. TAPA TSR certified transport companies are often preferred when customers require secure transport of high value products such as technology or medicine.

The TAPA TSR focuses on transport by truck and represents mimimum standards for transporting products via road within a supply chain. The TSR Certification sets strict standards for example for risk assess, drivers security training and the systems for tracking and tracing the trucks. The company must consider different kinds of requirements such as the security of the truck and the trailer. All the vehicles must be equipped with certain locks and doors that meet the high requirements. Also scheduled planning and risk assessment of the routes and the stops with secure parking is required. In case of any security incidents there must be a two-way, real time voice communication system during entire journey.

The aspects of security mentioned above are just some of the requirements that must be met. By fulfilling all the conditions of the auditing pillars there is a guarantee of secure transport and of high-value theft-targeted cargo. All the registered trucks of the company must be certified in order for a company to get the TAPA TSR Certification and the certificate is valid for a period of three years meaning it must be renewed regularly. Flowertrucks operates at TSR classification level 2.

From now on Flowertrucks is the only finnish transport company certified by TAPA and thus offering transport solutions based on high security. The certification reinforces companys position on the market generating a competitive advantage and making Flowertrucks an expert in high-value cargo transport.

For more information, please visit: www.tapaonline.org

Contact: Antti Koppala, p. +358 400 200 998